HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 1 April 2019

HMRC Helped Fund Al Qaeda

Just when you thought that HMRC couldn't sink any lower, it comes along and surprises you yet again. It seems that HMRC have been happily aiding Al Qaeda raise funds for its terrorist activities.

British-based Asian gangsters mounted mammoth VAT, benefits and other frauds against the Treasury totalling £8bn, according to leaked intelligence files. Tens of millions was then sent to Pakistan to fund madrasahs and training camps.

As if that were not bad enough, it seems that HMRC were aware of this, but chose not to tell MI5!

HMRC investigated the British gang for years and identified links to Shehzad Tanweer, a 7/7 bomber, at least two years before the 2005 attack on London. However, HMRC bosses declined to share the intelligence with MI5 citing taxpayer confidentiality.

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  1. Just a small point, but since when did £80million equate to £8billion?

    1. D'oh! It's stated as the 1% of the fraud passed to AQ, must be a fast tracker!

    2. Sorry-skim read the article and missed that part. Please do not assume that just because I made a comment that was wrong, I am (or rather was) a fast tracker.

    3. No problemo, I read it twice to make sure. ;)

  2. Does anyone expect any better from this corrupt, amoral organisation? An organisation where those gravy train riders in senior management, who have presided over a culture organisational failure, misconduct, dishonesty, and violent staff bullying, to call out just a few issues, are rewarded with bonuses and knighthoods and the rest ?

  3. Whatever is written about in the scumpress should be taken with a pinch of salt. Especially if it relates to Al CIA Duh and Colonel Tim Osman.

    That being said, it doesn't surprise me if fraud is being used to fund nefarious activities.

    Former Permanent Secretary for having his Snout in the Trough Hartnett went working for HSBC after getting a fat pension. They were given a slap on the wrist for questionable dealings.

    In a rare example of insightful journalism. The BBC ran an article at the weekend about criminal gangs selling fake receipts in order to facilitate fraud in the VAT system.

    Naturally, getting shut of decades of tax experience by closing offices has shite all to do with it. Losing boots on the ground who would know the players in their area has nothing to do with it either. It seems a lucrative trade, not much risk of getting caught if they are so open about it. Just run off when a journalist sticks a microphone in your face.

    How much has been lost to the exchequer on this little scam. More than the wages of a few Band Os I would have thought.

    Much in the same way that knife crime in London has no link to losing 20,000 Police Officers.

    Yet, we all rumble on with the consequences of the Westminster Traitors. April Fools Day or not.

  4. As a former HMRC staff member, I am ashamed to have worked for this department. It's corrupt from top to bottom - worthy of a full criminal investigation with the aim of putting the scoundrels before the courts.

    1. As a matter of interest did you pass any evidence of corruption on to the police.
      If not then why would you expect an investigation.

    2. HMRC are corrupt - period.
      Full details of their misconduct was placed in the hands of 'law officers ' i.e. solicitors.

  5. If true, this is an almighty clusterfuck by the dimwits in HMRC.
    The 'taxpayer charter/confidentiality" goes out of the window when it comes to crimeetc;
    See CRCA 2005 S.20 PUBLIC INTEREST DISCLOSURE(8)Regulations under subsection (1)(b)(ii)—

    (a)may specify a kind of disclosure only if the Treasury are satisfied that it relates to—

    (i)national security,

    (ii)public safety,

    (iii)public health, or

    (iv)the prevention or detection of crime;

    Unless of course either the treasury failed to give permission, and/or both they and HMRC do not view anything related to AQ as in the public interest?!

  6. I can only speak for the Customs side of the coin. Many who retired at the split or remained for the resulting mess are not surprised by this turn of events. The HMRC ran from day one with a can't do attitude, years of innovative and on the spot decision making ability was trashed overnight.
    In no way was the old HMC&E without its faults, failures and depriverers of village idiots, but it had people at the various interfaces with the public that could take decisions and were willing to stand by them. We had good team work and until the debacles of London City Bond and a few other embarrassing legal cock-ups the results were forthcoming.
    VAT should have gone to the old IR, but then they would still be trying to get their collective heads around carousel fraud.
    Taxpayer, or is it "customer" confidentiality my arse!

    1. I'm ex C&E.

      I worked in investigation.

      When HMRC came into being it took the worst aspects of IR & C&E instead of the best.

      I guess it's only human nature - but there was a certain type of personality who leapt at the opportunities.

      Quick & multiple promotions went to those that shouted the loudest & talked themselves up the best.

      It gives me no pleasure to say it, but far & away the worst culprits in my sphere of work were former Customs staff.

      Loud, nasty & self serving in protective cliques - with an unquenchable appetite to reinvent themselves & history