HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 2 October 2019

HMRC Sacks Eight For Computer Abuse

HMRC has disciplined almost 100 members of staff for inappropriate use of computer systems, email and social media over the last two years.

The Telegraph reports that in 2017-18, HMRC sacked eight employees for abusing computer systems, a freedom of information request has revealed.  In many cases those reprimanded were repeat offenders.

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  1. Some heinous crime worthy of gross misconduct no doubt.

  2. We all know HMRC do NOT apply these rules fairly though...if your face fits, or you're helpful in covering up misconduct, then HR and management will allow you to escape discipline.

    As a former HMRC staff member, I have little sympathy with those caught breaking the data rules. However, as someone who was also subjected to a campaign of bullying by HMRC HR and management, leading to the loss of my career, health and home, I have to say they exempt themselves from ALL of the rules.

    - They let a SO grade manager disclose my personal address and other private data to a member of the public unchecked.

    - Although she was left with no choice but to admit it, they refused to have internal governance investigate.

    - They fail to sack this person, or indeed take any action

    - They allowed her to stay on board, where her lies ended up in wholly false documents they created in their attempt to thwart justice.

    - This was all known about up to and including HMRC CEO level.

    They are an out of control, dishonest and untrustworthy organisation.

    In a country where the law is taken seriously by government departments, those lawbreaking HMRC staff would be put before the courts.

    And who played a part in covering it all up...take a bow HR casework in Manchester...your lawbreaking is not forgotten...we have hundreds of documents to go through...evidence of the cover up will be taken forward, however long it takes.

    1. For God's sake if you have evidence of criminal wrongdoing then please ensure it is "taken forward" otherwise STFU and give it a bleeding rest.

    2. Agree! Name and shame and be done with it. I'm tired of all the bleating.

    3. 2/10 @ 15:18

      If you have not learnt by now I will spell it out to you

      Stop Feeding The Trolls

      Even those that understand and sympathise with you are getting p'eed off!

  3. Wonder how many of these were in Counter Avoidance and whether the infamous phone box photos form part of the statistics........?

  4. Hope that phone box has had a good swilling out urrgghhh