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HMRC Is Shite
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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

HMRC Moves To India

Place North West reports that HMRC has selected India Buildings as the preferred location for its new Liverpool home, leasing the majority of the office space within the 350,000 sq ft landmark property.

In Liverpool, HMRC currently occupies Graeme House, Regian House, Imperial Court and The Triad in Bootle.

The grade two-listed India Buildings was sold in January by Green Property to Shelborn Asset Management for £17m, and at the time was 80% vacant.

India Buildings dominates Liverpool’s traditional office district and occupies an entire block at Water Street and Brunswick Street in the heart of the commercial centre. The gross internal floor area is 500,000 sq ft and includes the Holt’s shopping arcade on the ground floor.

Quoted rent at India Buildings is £16.50/sq ft. However, the building would be extensively refurbished both internally and externally in advance of HMRC taking occupancy.

Worthington Owen is the agent for India, while JLL is advising the Government on its estate strategy.

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  1. Hmrc is leasing India Buildings owned by tax dodgers (Marwees Ltd) registered in the British Virgin Islands. How ironic!

    1. Ironic, shameless, hypocritical, lacking in integrity and simply disgusting.

  2. Before leaving HMRC i queried why they were using a building in Bedford Row for tribunals owned by a company in Gibralter dodging corporation tax via inter company loans wiping out profit and was told that it was "against the law not to enter in to a contract because a company was avoiding tax " -utter horseshit but unfortunately the words BVI Isle of Mann. Gibralter , Switzerland , Eire , Luxembourg etc would ring no bells with these morons or indeed due diligence -its not their money and whats it to do with you ?

  3. Don't know what anyone would expect from this lot. The Treasury should be kicking the crap out of them for this sort of contract, yet another example of HMRC ineptitude let alone anything else.
    Of course, the fact that it is all money donated freely by their law abiding and tax compliant non avoiding 'customers' who don't give a flying feck unless its on a reality show or tabloid media.
    Dear Mrs May, your very own tax collecting organisation will be further facilitating tax avoidance by this contract, will leave it to your experts to calculate the Revenue Loss as opposed to the Revenue Protected!
    Of course this does mean less funds available for NHS, schools, blue light work etc.

    1. It does not give much credibility to HMRC seeking to shrink the tax gap does it?

    2. HMRC are a disgrace to the wider public sector. The NHS and emergency services, who don't have the enhanced resources of HMRC, do an excellent job and are short changed in part because of HMRC's failures.

    3. Wrt the above, an example of HMRC WASTE: I recently received a letter from HMRC 'Corporate Treasury' saying they had received my cheque and asking me do I know you can pay by 'other ways'. REPLY: "Er yes, I do know that, but you'll be getting cheques because of criminal data breaches at tax office which go unchecked and conclude I don't want your mob having direct access to my bank account details, so stop wasting my money send such stupid letters". Rant over.

    4. HMRC will want to punish those who send cheques before too long, that's the clear implication of their intimidating letters. When so much tax goes uncollected due to their ineptitude you would think they would be grateful to have some compliant taxpayers, clearly not!!

    5. HMRC are bullies.

  4. I reported a criminal data breach to HMRC whereby a member of their staff passed confidential data to a third party leaving me open to all sorts of crime and risk. They took no action against the guilty party, and no steps to mitigate the risks of the breach. The guilty party is still employed at HMRC.

  5. From Liverpool ECHO 19.1.13. and updated:-

    Liverpool’s India Buildings was ‘grossly mismanaged’ by fraudster Achilleas Kallakis
    THE former owner of Liverpool’s historic India Buildings “grossly mismanaged” it while conducting one of the UK’s biggest-ever frauds.
    Achilleas Kallakis and Alexander Williams, both 44 and from London, tried to defraud Allied Irish Banks (AIB) out of £740m and Bank of Scotland, as it was known, of £22m between August 2003 and November 2008.

    History etc.

  6. No news about the Regional Center at Stratford...Still - have they even got anywhere yet?