HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

People Are The Lifeblood of HMRC

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Seemingly dishonest words from HMRC I am afraid - they must be judged by their actions which are diametric to their 'spin'. HMRC and the CEO could not care less about their staff or their health as a matter of fact. They must be exposed for their hypocrisy. Whatever happened to HMRC being honest and acting with integrity?

  2. Unfarkingbelievable, and they have signed up to the new DisabilityConfident scheme?
    All this from a Department that had to be told that thw EQA had surpassed the DDA some years after the event!
    Wake up sheeple, wake up!

    1. Disability Confident has been described as a weak scheme and sadly with HMRC's name to it its credibility will not be enhanced. HMRC are an example not to be followed.

      If HMRC have now heard of the Equality Act then it would seem they are sadly struggling with the details of it. The Department's attitude to things like disability, inclusiveness & bullying is from the Dark Ages. While they keep spinning, things will never change.

  3. Pigs are the lifeblood of black pudding.

  4. All this nonsense from an organisation which brutally bullies its own staff and disregards the law? Don't know how they can look at themselves in the mirror. Time to wake up indeed!!!

  5. Therefore HMRC is bleeding itself dry.

  6. "spot on " my arse this twat has barely been there 5 minutes - i worked for C and E and the car crash tat is HMRC for 31 years and never saw or met someone at his level ie all mouth and trousers/ never met a taxpayer in his life-he and his ilk are the public sector equivalent of leukemia , sucking the marrow out of stsff doing a job they, for the pittance paid, would not be caught dead doing.

    1. I joined C&E and unfortunately did not escape to Border Force when the lobotomy was carried out. After a total of 40 years I left in disgust at the treatment I and others received from the clowns in management in HMRC. Strangely the senior manager that dealt with the myriad grievances made against some 5 or 6 people including managers also left in disgust, shortly afterwards.
      Do I think there is a problem in HMRC - you better believe it.
      I would have preferred to serve until 65 but the bullying and lawbreaking was not worth the effect upon my health.
      The politicos know of the situation that exists and the level of lawbreaking throughout.
      As Rumpole would have said - I rest my case!
      Its institutional and they dont give a shite.

    2. I would concur with above 3/11 18:18 regarding the HMRC environment, which is very dangerous. The language used about people being the "lifeblood" of the place is an interesting clue as to their spin - they are unable to say they VALUE their staff and provide examples because to do so would be a massive lie.

      The HMRC management are institutionally brutal bullies hiding in plain sight behind the veneer of civil service decency. They have little regard for the rules, honesty, due process or basic human rights etc etc. They would readily ruin somebody's career and life without giving it a second thought.

    3. To anonymous at 18.18.
      I recognise what you say and am particularly interested in who the senior manager was and how you know that he/she left in disgust? If you feel unable to name them give a clue to one who might have a suspicion!

    4. So, someone serves HMRC for 40 years - that's a huge level of commitment no doubt - but is then basically driven out thru law breaking and bullying.

      Interestingly they say the senior manager who dealt with the grievances also left in "disgust". We need more details about this. On the surface it would sound like the senior manager was 'leaned' to dream up an outcome in HMRC's favour.

    5. I am anonymous @ 18:18, in response to the above posts that followed mine;
      When people are effectively allowed to self-police, by accident or design, then human nature being what it is, well, you know the rest obviously.
      How did I know, because the individual phoned my partner before notifying line managment. We both consider the individual concerned to be of high moral standard and a great loss to HMRC. It would not be fair to say any more unless the P.M. gets off her rear and ordes an in-depth investigation, that's an investigation not an inquiry!

    6. It would seem clear from the above post 4/11 18:28 that HMRC can not be trusted as a tax authority.

      It would appear that employees of HMRC who refuse to accept the various types of bullying and/or misconduct of others are subjected to further brutal bullying from the highest level in the form of injustice by cover up.

      Its pleasing to note from the above that one employee had integrity in apparently refusing to be part of a filthy cover up, but also horrifying that he too paid a heavy price by loss of employment.

      If - and I have no reason to doubt the accounts I hear and read - bullying is ordered to be covered up from HMRC senior management then it brings into question how on earth such dishonest people can be trusted to run a tax system with integrity.

      Taxpayers would resent that such tyrants behaviour is covered up using taxpayer funded resources - not what we pay taxes for. They have the opportunity in the senior ranks of a good long term career, with high pay, bonuses and a huge pensions. All the public demand in return is that they abide by the civil service code,, play by the rules and act with a little moral decency.

      Are HMRC or their officers exempt from the rule of law? NO - not the last time I looked. Therefore an urgent investigation into that organisation is long overdue. All we can hope is that one day those individuals who have been involved in immoral misconduct, law breaking etc will be publically named and shamed in the public interest.

    7. Good insight into a totally corrupt organisation. Part of the problem was created before HMRC formed.
      Many of my colleagues felt that if you wanted to split open our borders (impeccable timining?) and make things easier for organised crime in the round then you could not have done a better job. The only people to benefit have been the lawbreakers and OGC's or OCE's or whatever they are referred to as these days?

      Then along came self-policing and de-regulation. It was an open house for self agrandisment and over promotion of people way beyond their abilities and experience. The bullies, megalomaniacs and psychopaths went unchecked, why?
      I believe that the establishment had a different agenda and staff bullying and lawbreaking were not part of it. As for the likes of these people anywhere near the evidential chain, let alone part of it!

      The manager to whom I referred (he or she) was appalled at what had transpired and been covered up and voted with their feet! When you observe the standard of behaviour in public office that HMRC heads have exhibited and been allowed to get away with (except for one futile apology that was forced) then we should not be surprised, after all, it reflects plummeting standards in society.

      It will require one hell of an investigation of what may involve alleged criminal activity let alone civil lawbreaking to sort the mess out. Don't wait for the Trotskyite PCS to add any impetus, it is in their interest not to raise a ruckus.

      So, once more, Mrs May P.M. please order an investigation.

    8. A shocking account of how HMRC operates - bullying, cover-ups, law breaking all going unchecked. We can only hope that the Government do something about it. What was that a former football manager recently said about HMRC being the most corrupt organisation in the country?

      In the interests of balance and objectivity it must be said there are some good and decent people working at HMRC - the person referred to above is that type of person - who are motivated to work hard in the public interest. However there are many who do understand the real organisation they work for - that's an organisation where too many within the management chain, including some in the most senior grades, have no regard for fair play, decency, diversity, inclusiveness, humanity or the law. For any decent public servant it really is a shock to discover the complete absence of integrity from the management of an organisation they are serving with pride until that discovery.

      Come on Mrs May & Mr Hammond, enough is enough lets have an investigation and follow the evidence wherever it goes please.

    9. Any investigation into the culture of HMRC must be carried out by truly INDEPENDENT investigators. HMRC are a fundamentally mismanaged and dishonest organisation. If anyone dares to stand up to their misconduct they deploy any bullying technique they can dream up - sadly, we as the public, pay a number of staff to then cover it up. To say its disgusting would be an understatement.

      It is the duty of every person to call out HMRC's behaviour - bullying is a form of violence and must never be tolerated - bullies however powerful they feel they are by virtue of the PUBLIC office they hold on our (the public's) behalf must not be allowed to silence their victims. Its encouraging to see people speaking out about HMRC's 'behavioural' problems and if more would do so those guilty could be finally be called to account.

      We all want HMRC to be a clean organisation which plays by the normal rules of society (be it basic decency or the law) so that the focus can be on an excellent service to the taxpaying public and a department acting with integrity at all times. So all we can do is repeat those calls for an investigation once more.

  7. But Mr Thompson says he is a Christian. Therefore I guess he's said his prayers and is happy to discard hundreds of his loyal "lifeblood" people who have the misfortune of being in the wrong placeand consign them to the scrap heap.

    1. There is nothing moral about HMRC's behaviour. Now they are causing problems to vulnerable disabled people by their aggressive pursuit of national minimum wage alleged breaches in the care industry for carers who sleep on premises overnight.
      What with how they treat small businesses, how they bully their own staff to the point of serious mental health breakdown & homelessness, and how they now stand accused of rigging staff survey results (AGAIN) it is time for HMG to investigate HMRC and ensure each guilty individual is robustly dealt with.
      We have no idea how the management sleep at night - brutal COWARDLY WEAK BULLIES.

    2. The fact that the ones doing these things, often in conspiracy with others is now so obvious, should be enough to cause an in-depth and open investigation.
      The fact that it hasn't indicates worse.

  8. Quote from HMRC about HMRC: "Spot on". Anyone else notice how individual HMRC managers now seem take to twitter i.e. into the public domain, to push their internal propaganda. Obviously its not an appropriate use of public money to spend their time on twitter, but any right minded person would see through all this, if they need propaganda to control staff within their regime then something might be very wrong.

  9. Sadly. HMRC has embarked on a culling of staff who might still have some attachment to their former departments and live too far away from the new regional centres to travel daily. If you look at some of the directors twitter accounts they are unswervingly enthusiastic about welcoming new entrants to the department. They are thrilled that they are undergoing this transformation process. In their minds , experience and wisdom have no value.

  10. If staff are the lifeblood does that mean that the management are the blood-sucking vampires of the system?
    Better get Van Helsing on the PAC?

  11. Had begun to think that no-one out there gave a damn, but, having read some of the supportive and understanding comments on this particular thread I realise that more and more people who read Ken's topics are becoming more aware of the disgusting state of play in HMRC.
    One can only hope that politicians on all sides wake up and do what they are voted in to do for their constituents and taxpayers benefit. At least mine got my circumstances in front of Hodge on 2 occasions but the odd, singleton voice carries little weight.
    Said it before - get someone of M Mansfield QC's ability and drive on the case.
    Thankyou people for your views.
    Over to you Ken, keep it going and flying the flag!

  12. 9 years on and HMRC still above the law and battering their own staff as well as the taxpayers (not customers)