HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 20 January 2017

HMRC To Roll Out Caller Voice ID

HMRC claims that it will start rolling out Voice ID technology to some taxpayers on its phone service, in its next stage of embracing biometric technology.

Some taxpayers calling either the tax credits and Self Assessment helplines will be offered the chance to enrol in the voice identification system, which it claims will make it easier and quicker for taxpayers to pass the necessary security steps when ringing HMRC.

To enrol a caller has to repeat a vocal passphrase up to five times, before being passed to an advisor to provide the usual security information. Once this is logged, the caller can then use this phrase to identify themselves when they ring in the future.

V3 reports that to begin with HMRC will just be building a ‘bank' of customer passphrases before they actually roll the system out.

HMRC said the technology in use is "well-proven". However, it is not clear if it is using a third party or in house system.

HMRC director general for Customer Services, Ruth Owen, said:
"Millions of our customers are choosing to use our digital services rather than picking up a phone or pen, with more joining them every day. But we know that not everyone can, or wants to, deal with us online, and so we're continuing to improve our services across all contact channels.

Voice ID is the latest example of the cutting-edge technology we are using to make it easier for people to manage their tax and tax credits." 
All very well if it works, and if people can through on the phone lines!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Voice ID is not, as HMRC incorrectly state, "cutting edge technology" its been around for years commercially; the clue is in the way they also say "its well proven". Soon a HMRC senior manager will sanction routine use of the newfangled email thing; that's when we'll know its time for more bonuses for the privileged, and undeserving, few on board the aforementioned gravy train. By the way; please, no, not an in-house system, it will be such a disaster, they'll be having to dish out gongs and golden goodbyes too.

    1. HMRC committed a criminal offence against me. It is a fact. This was covered-up by HMRC. The offender was allowed to carry on unchecked. Senior management were aware of the offence & consequences but did nothing. Could the cover-up/inaction be Misconduct in Public Office? They clearly have little respected for the rule of law. RE: bonuses referred to above, should such people be paid them? NO, NO AND NO!

    2. I hear HMRc are going Digital.

      Apparently they have just discovered those computer things that use binary code about half a century after the rest of the planet

    3. Judging by how long I had to wait when I phoned the self assessment department at Hmrc, they are still struggling to get grips with Alexander Graham Bell's invention! They're having a laugh, at us and at our expense!

    4. Misconduct in Public Office is a serious offence indeed. It is committed by public office holders when they act, or fail to act, in a way that constitutes a breach of duties of that office. So, if an employee commits say a criminal offence and other misconduct, issues which would normally always be investigated and which would always result in at least a written warning, dismissal and/or prosecution, and yet nothing is done and DUE PROCESS is not followed, allowing the guilty party to carry on, then it could be deemed that those involved in covering up have committed an offence too. A further problem arises if the misconduct in public office is also covered-up...

    5. Example - if in a public organisation 100 officers are caught breaching Data Protection Act and other data legislation, and the matter is referred to Internal Governance for investigation and all either receive a final written warning or are dismissed (with several prosecutions too) but in case 101 it is not referred to Internal Governance nor is anything done about in terms of C&D or prosecution, and yet CEO/senior management/HR ignore it and/or ensure its all swept under the carpet they have clearly & deliberately failed to act as would be expected in order to prevent a rogue officer facing justice and would have some serious questions to answer as nobody is above the law. We are all equal before the law, but some seem to think some are more equal than others.

    6. Well fluck my old bloot as they say!
      HMRC covering up allegations of criminal wrongdoing, misconduct even lawbreaking by its staff (managers) whatever next?
      Criticism by the Judiciary in open court, goodness they will be in breach of the OSA next, oops, so they have.
      Perhaps they will illegally use the powers of surveillance on their own legal staff, oops...
      Perhaps the likes of their CEO's will ignore plea's by staff to refer allegations to IG, oops...
      Do you see a picture emerging?

    7. They are very cunning but you have to apply basic logic to see right through them.
      If there is evidence of offences & misconduct they are duty bound to pass the case to Internal Governance.
      So if management and HR personnel haven't referred a case to Internal Governance the clue is why not? What is it they are trying to hide or prevent?
      So where evidence exists the cases have been blocked by management and HR personnel from going to Internal Governance they too should be investigated.
      Time for HM Inspector of Constabulary to investigate?
      If guilty they should be sacked!!! (and not re-employed in the civil service)
      Its amazing what simple enforcement of the rules and law would do to restore integrity and demonstrate to the law abiding public that HMRC will not tolerate misconduct and lawbreaking.

    8. In summary of the above - HMRC are corrupt and the guilty individuals, including those who have been allowed to exit/retire on large taxpayer funded packages, should face individual accountability & justice!

    9. Aware of their unscrupulous and unlawful behaviour, whenever having dealings with them about tax its best to record every conversation to protect the innocent.

    10. Have Dave Hartnett or HMRC been prosecuted yet for the law breaking which was criticised by judges in the Supreme Court?
      The lack of action is yet another matter which undermines the public's trust in this failing organisation.
      Oh, but HMRC didn't expect the comments by Hartnett to be reported, so its all ok then. Errr no:-
      1. This could be mitigation if they wanted but wouldn't be a defence to the law breaking
      2. Hartnett was talking to journalists, what did HMRC think would happen with his 'off the record' comments??

    11. Hang on a minute, it matters not whether or HMRC thought the comments would be reported, or whether or not a newspaper publishes the comments.
      The duty of taxpayer confidentiality, CRCA 2005, DPA 1998 are all very clear and basic to understand. The law is broken the very second an HMRC employee divulges info to an unauthorised person be it an acquaintance down the boozer or a newspaper journalist.
      If this is how HMRC respect, or rather disrespect, taxpayer data from somebody that senior then it makes you wonder.
      The law should be enforced.

  2. I keep seeing a small dolphin looking thinghy in the estuary, in fact if I look closely there appear to be hundreds of them further out to sea. Do you think its a Common Porpoise?
    What's that Flipper...Hahahaharra

  3. HMRC and common purpose, now there's a thing.