HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Making Tax Digital Runs at a Loss

The document published yesterday outlining HMRC's Making Tax Digital for Business shows  that costs will still exceed savings by £100m in 2022.

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Tax does have to be taxing.

Professional Cover Against the Threat of Costly TAX and VAT Investigations

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  1. Surprised, anyone???

    1. No HMRC senior management are a bunch of wasters! Its YOUR money they are wasting though. They'll be alright with their huge bonuses, gold-plated pensions and gongs.

    2. You may call them that but having worked at Hmrc in the past I would accurately describe them, using free speech, as bullying thugs who should be ashamed when they look in the mirror and think of how they've behaved!!!

    3. HMRC bullies??? I just can't imagine that ;)

    4. PCC union wouldn't allow this sort of behaviour - they are left-wing militants who would hate any injustice going on at HMRC, surely?

  2. Oh dear, sounds like HMRC have messed up again. I bet senior management will keep getting their huge taxpayer funded bonuses though.

  3. No surprise. HMRC really do need to get their act together. What are we paying their Senior Management the huge wages and bonuses for?

    This weekend the media have suggested David Beckham was not nominated for a Knighthood partly because of the Ingenious scheme. Was the Ingenious case not the one where a Senior HMRC Officer was criticised for breaking the criminal law by disclosing confidential data to a third party?

    When we know of criminal offences being committed by HMRC and brutal bullying of their own staff, does anyone else think the sanctimonious bunch 'running' HMRC should get their own house in order before being allowed to sit in judgment over others???

    1. HM Inspector of Constabulary need to investigate HMRC in order to retain public confidence and to bring to heel those who's conduct is letting down the thousands of HMRC who do have high levels of integrity.

      I recommend HMIC ask Senior HMRC Management two very simple questions:-

      1. Were ALL allegations of Criminal behaviour against staff, no matter the identity of the complainant, passed to your Internal Governance people?

      2. Were there was EVIDENCE of Criminal wrongdoing (e.g. offences under DPA 1998, CRCA 2005 etc) was this submitted to the police and Crown Prosecution Service for their independent assessment of the likelihood of conviction and the public interest test (btw all criminal acts from a public servant would be in the public interest under the test)?

      If HMIC identify a NO answer to question 1 or both questions, then they should ensure the allegations are investigated and further, should ensure those involved in covering-up/preventing due process at the right time are subject to a Misconduct process and possible prosecution.

      Integrity has to be absolute. A small number of corrupt staff can let down the majority making it a corrupt organisation.

      If we could see action being taken then maybe trust could be restored to the rotten HMRC?

    2. Wouldn't it also send a strong message as to how wrong Misconduct is, if HMRC management who have been involved in the persecution of those who have raised complaints, were prosecuted for the inhumane, cowardly thug like hell they have inflicted on people?

      I join the calls for a corruption free HMRC!!!

    3. Don't know how some HMRC Senior Management justify their huge salaries to themselves (never mind the public who pay them) when they turn a blind eye to such truly disgusting stuff.

      Where is their commitment to:-
      1. Honesty
      2. Integrity
      3. Objectivity
      3. Impartiality?

      Aka The Civil Service Code? If they can't obey the simple principles of the Code then they should get out of the way and allow people who can take their very well paid jobs. HMRC can't be any worse 'managed' can it?

    4. Dear Civil Service Commission

      Some members of HMRC management, including very senior officers, have failed to live up to their contractual obligations to obey the Civil Service Code. They have failed to be honest, have failed to act with the integrity, and have not been objective or impartial. Furthermore, they failed so spectacularly they have turned a blind eye to due process i.e. referral to Internal Governance, in relation to alleged criminal offences which an HMRC manager had no option but to admit in the face of overwhelming evidence, but the matter has been swept under the carpet, allowing the criminal to carry on unchecked while the victim has been persecuted by the HMRC bullies.

      If HMRC management can behave like this to a staff then how can the public trust or respect them?

      Please look into this and feel free to get HMIC involved.

      Yours sincerely,