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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Assistant Commercial Director - IT Contract Management HMRC £96K

HMRC is offering an annual salary of £96K for an assistant commercial director - IT contract management, to oversee its engagements with IT suppliers as it nears the post-Aspire era.

The IT outsourcing deal with Capgemini and Fujitsu, which was originally due to end in 2017, is now going through a phased migration, with all services due to be retendered or brought back in house by 2020.

As per the advert:
HMRC has recently exited the Aspire contract for IT provision with commercial staff playing a leading role,” the department said. “In doing so, it has reached a negotiated position with incumbent suppliers and activity has been undertaken to source suppliers for newly defined elements of the bought-out services. New contracts will allow the department to take better advantage of digital innovations, and keep pace with digital and technology trends of the future.
The role, which will be based in Telford or London, comes with a salary of up to £95,950.
The successful candidate will manage a team of about 10 contract managers, and will report into the head of commercial contract management. The IT contract chief will help manage a hundredfold increase in the organisation’s supply chain.

HMRC said:
You will play a key role in managing our supply base effectively through the IT transformation as HMRC continues to move away from the single biggest IT outsource deal in Europe, Aspire, to a supply chain of over 200 suppliers. You and your team will be closely involved in managing and supporting the ongoing transition to the new supplier environment.
Key Responsibilities:

▪ Proactively lead, manage and develop a team of contract managers, giving clear direction and support to maximise capability, quality and productivity. Ensure the appropriate level and number of staff are assigned to each eligible contract.
▪ Implement the strategic direction of HMRC contract management.
▪ Oversee production and delivery of contract management team plans, pipelines and actions for your category pillar
▪ IT to deliver effective contractual outcomes, including quality, value, delivery, innovation and continuous improvement agendas.
▪ Provide assurance that the policies, procedures, action plans and initiatives for Commercial Contract Management and Supplier Relationship Management are adhered to consistently across IT category pillar and business areas, working within the Supply Chain Assurance framework.
▪ Build and maintain key relationships across the business, promoting collaboration between business areas, and commercial teams.
▪ Ensure an effective risk management framework is in place to map, manage and mitigate supply chain risk for your category pillar.
▪ Support the delivery of a SRM programme for strategic suppliers within IT category driving additional value (service, cost and risk) beyond that originally contracted.

Key Criteria: To be successful, candidates will need to demonstrate capability against the following criteria:

▪ Has a strong delivery focus with the ability to operate successfully and deliver within a challenging and complex environment.
▪ Needs to be resilient – the transformation programme within IT and the structural changes in Commercial will provide challenges and opportunities.
▪ Extensive experience of managing strategic IT suppliers.
▪ Able to build and maintain effective customer and supplier relationships.
▪ Strong negotiator, with a drive to deliver value for money and achieve excellent service from our suppliers.
▪ Applicants must have achieved an A or a B* at a GCF Assessment and Development Centre (ADC) or be willing** to attend an ADC.

Applications are open until 16 April.

Once candidates have been "sifted", successful applicants will be invited to an assessment centre during the week commencing 7 May.

Final panel interviews will take place the following week.

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  1. £96k, seems a lot until you look at the responsibilities and criteris. Given the poor track record and lack of VFM with taxpayers/customers hard earned money when screwing up IT and other contracts it does make you wonder whethjer it is enough to attract the right person?
    It is possible that a few lessons have sunk in with both politicos and civil service "managers".
    One might hope that the corner, if not turned, is being approached...

  2. Place is still chock a block with fucking contractors

  3. Doubtful they'll attract the best with that salary, especially in IT.

    There are many public sector 'non-jobs' that deserve to be scrapped, or the salaries greatly reduced. IT isn't one of them, and if they're serious about going digital, they need to be looking at the salary/packages offered to similar roles in the private sector.

    1. HMRC Non Jobs? So many of them it defies belief...most of them having nothing to do with the core employment of tax collection...I witness this daily in this hellhole !!

  4. Pavitt wouldnt get out of bed for less than £120k+ a year.
    there are big IT departments in HMRC where the Consultants outnumber the Full time staff in service my 4 to 1, its a fucking disgrace and a huge burden on the budget that until recently was being cut mercilessly. Now they have been caught on the hop they are throwing money at Post-Brexit planning. Ironic how we got out of the Aspire contract because we were getting fleeced, now we are hiring consultants, they are going to get f****d up the arse again by contractors. They never fucking learn these cretins.