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HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

The Robots Are Still Coming

Way back in 2016 I wrote this:
"As per a loyal reader, it appears that the robots are coming:

"The SMS text messages are only the beginning. I work for the twats called HMRC in the robotics team and they are planning on robots answering the calls to replace call centre staff jobs. Its already done on self serve time to pay and instalment arrangements, but the wider hmrc will have this roll out, oh and the fuck up that windows 10 is coming to hmrc."
This will end in tears!"
Now here we are in 2018, and Jacky Wright, HMRC’s chief digital & information officer, recently announced the milestone in HMRC’s modernisation programme at Government Computing’s GovTech2018 conference in London.

HMRC confirmed that it has processed 10m transactions using robots since 2015, improved its efficiency and customer experience.

Government Computing reports that HMRC has described its robots as:
programmed pieces of software that process items in the same way as humans would.

They work repetitive jobs, freeing up staff to undertake more meaningful, complex and interesting work, the kind of work that requires decision-making and human judgement.
HMRC regards the 10m milestone marks significant progress for HMRC’s IT Project team as it works towards achieving greater automation of the functions that do not require human input.

Wright said:
This is a major milestone towards HMRC’s digital transformation, where we are now deploying the most advanced IT to improve the accuracy and speed of our services. HMRC aims to be the world's most digitally advanced tax authority, and by making our 10 millionth transaction by a robot, we are making great progress towards that goal. 

We have over 50 different automations working across our IT estate. By automating simple and repetitive tasks, we are able to free up our staff to undertake more meaningful and interesting work that requires decision making and human intelligence. The public is getting a better service and HMRC is doing its work more efficiently.”
So there you go folks, taxpayers are receiving a better service!


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  1. Do these robots have to have a PMR.

  2. Like every other project HMRC undertakes, another major fuck up on the horizon. Taxi Ms Wright.

  3. Telephone Payment Service robot that didn't / doesn't work and often prevents card payments being taken over the phone. Better customer service don't think so.

  4. And robots can't be bullied! How on earth will HMRC bullies cope without their fix of bullying to validate their messed up lives?

    Hopefully robots will be more honest too! Unlike HMRC who lied in court documents in a vile attempt to pervert the course of justice!!! (Naughty, naughty! I wonder if the rogues who sanctioned the lying realise its an extremely serious crime which they committed!!) Robtos - a solution to HMRCs lack on integrity?

  5. Are HMRC being ripped off by the 'commercial partners' for these robots, as per their norm?
    Strikes me that the muppets have poor negotiation skills and rarely get a good deal for the tax payer.

    1. I would think they're getting ripped off wholesale. Public sector contract management is awful (to be polite). Years ago used to be over £100 to put up a whiteboard, and IT was charged for a minimum of a half day (even if it took 5 minutes). Probably as bad now, if not worse.

  6. Don't worry, there are those who will find a way to bully robots!

  7. And when the Robots break down, just take people of meaningful work to man the phones again....

  8. What a BRILLIANT employer we work for !!! Knighthood for fat boy Thompson soon...and then he will jump into the nearest Titanic lifeboat...awful organisation !!

  9. Glad I'm not there anymore. Complete joke of an employer, and treats their 'customers' and staff with contempt. Closure of enquiry centres, movement to only 13 locations (and a few specialist sites) and now 'robots'. Couldn't make it up.

  10. The investment in whiteboards was such a success they are now in a skip. So lets celebrate a little common sense. Lets see what else is skip worthy. BOF, HMRC business plans, EXCOM and mentally disturbed
    And unqualified managers. That's the dead wood identified. Now all we need is something combustible as a fuel. Any ideas folks?

  11. The clever money went into skips a while back. Skips and cemeteries.