HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Be Warned The Scammers Are Upping Their Game!

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  1. A huge can of worms looks likely to be festering and HMRC may well require the microscope of some serious exterior investigative ability from a combination of assets.
    This could be a lot worse than is at first apparent.
    I sincerely hope I am mistaken :(

  2. The question has to be asked: Is this criminality an HMRC inside job?

    You have to wonder how on earth these criminals are obtaining such information - surely it has to be coming, directly or indirectly, from inside the tax department?

    HMRC has well known governance issues. Bullying goes unchecked and should the victim complain they are subjected to smear and cover up.

    By the time I was unlawfully hounded out of a long career with HMRC, it was no longer the organisation I joined decades before. Disciplinary and criminal offences committed by individuals were not robust or objectively or independent investigated. All HMRC did was get some amoral Grade 6 senior officers - based at Castle Meadow, Nottingham and Euston Tower, London - to write a subjective report which attempted to smear me as the complainant and dismissed, ignored, turned a blind eye to a vast amount of uncomfortable, indisputable, evidence proving HMRC's lawbreaking. When a manager was left with no option but to admit unlawfully divulging my data to her boyfriend, a scumbag who turned up unannounced at my home address, Reg Reid concluded along the lines of "oh, well, she didn't mean it, she won't do it again". It was a criminal offence, a disciplinary offence of such gravity that the Grade SO manager should have been sacked forfeiting her pension after referral to Internal Governance which Mr Reid failed to do.

    Jon Thompson, CEO, and William Hague, then HR Chief, were made fully aware but decided not to investigate. Mr Thompson showed his true colours in the overall dismissive & factually dishonest letter he signed to a Member of Parliament.

    HMRC's cover up agents should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Their own part in attempting to cover up the truth plays a part in diminishing the honesty & integrity of the whole department. They allow the majority of decent staff, including the victims of bullying, to be tarnished by association.

    Is it any wonder with such inconsistent, weak & pitiful governance that criminals could be operating inside HMRC?

    Stories such as in the link below, about an HMRC officer committing tax credit fraud, do nothing to reassure the public about this failing (dis)organisation:

    1. HMRC and all employers have a "Duty of Care". From ACAS:
      "Employers have a 'duty of care' for their employees, as well as a moral responsibility and strong business case for maintaining bully-free organisations.
      They can help draw the line by setting down examples of unacceptable behaviour. This might include ridicule, public humiliation, unfair treatment, victimisation, exclusion, spreading malicious rumours, personal insults, setting someone up for failure, making threats, constant criticism, and blocking promotion and training opportunities.
      Problems can remain hidden if employees don't have confidence in an organisation's discipline and grievance procedures. Victims may fear retribution if they make a complaint, and colleagues are sometimes slow to come forward as witnesses in case the bully rounds on them too.
      It's up to employers to provide the protection of an open and supportive workplace environment in which employees know what to do and who to turn to if problems arise. They should deal with employees' concerns in confidence, promptly, fairly and sensitively - and make clear that bullying in all its forms will not be tolerated."

      I succeeded in taken legal action against HMRC as they failed in their duty and I would certainly encourage others victims to do so.
      Good luck people - sometimes justice does prevail.

  3. ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........

  4. It would appear that HMRC have failed to get a grip on rogue elements inside the department.
    We know they can't be trusted to handle data. I advise people only give them information required by the force of law (no other option, sadly) but never that exceed that.
    They simply cannot be trusted.
    Only external investigation will do...

  5. Re: HMRC Bullying - a very interesting breakthrough (?)...

    HMRC has asked former John Lewis Partnership HR director Laura Whyte to chair the independent review into its bullying and harassment complaints procedures:

    The comments from HMRC are however disappointing. Despite this review they seem oblivious as to the scale of the problem and I note they say all allegations are investigated.

    If getting the likes Reg Reid, Ian Gordon et al to write a subjective report in a manner which treats the complainant as a twat, fails to investigate substantial & indisputable evidence supporting the allegations, attaches undue weight to management lies, lacks curiosity in why documents have been retrospectively created etc etc is what counts as an 'investigation' then it could well be where these idiots are going wrong.

    HMRC also that bullies can be dismissed. Maybe but only went it suits. A manager who conducted a campaign of bullying against me was allowed to walk away from a criminal offence she committed (which was a sacking offence)) because her low IQ dishonest narrative was required by the HR mob if they were to have any chance of defending themselves against the truth.

    I hope this "review" could be the beginning of a culture change in HMRC but fear it's more superficial, fluffy crap and they will carry on regardless.

    1. Just pinged my M.P. with the link and my comments, suggest a few more radicals on here do likewise?

    2. Perhaps they can name and shame using parliamentary privelage?

    3. Indeed. There are HMRC bullies equally deserving of being named and shamed, as Lord Hain did recently.

      Moreover, victims of HMRC VIOLENT BULLYING could consider naming and shaming on social media etc etc - as what you are saying is factually correct there can be no issue (other than HMRC being a little embarrassed - tough!).

      Take the power away from corrupt bullies and give control back to HMRC victims.

    4. With all due respect to Laura Whyte, as one of the many victims of HMRC, my suspicion is that the review is designed to 'blow smoke up the arse' of HMRC senior management about how wonderfully they handle bullying and harassment.

      HMRC will not, so long as they have any control over the matter, allow themselves to be held to account. If they have invited this review then the motive will be clear to all those who have been on the receiving end of HMRC's thuggery and dishonesty.

      What is really required, and it would be better late than never, is a external investigatory body to uncover what has been going on inside HMRC.

      The failure to properly investigate complaints, including both suppressing evidence and manufacturing evidence, is an issue which would not be too difficult to explore. Likewise the coverups and dishonesty.

      And if there is evidence (there is!!) of criminal offences, disciplinary offences, breaches of the Civil Service Code, collusion etc, then HMRC staff, from the top down, should face the appropriate punishment.

  6. Brexit : the vote of the knuckle draggers !!

  7. 2018 Staff Survey Results are out....rumours are they are worse than last year...anyone got details ??

    1. Would be interesting to hear the results...
      ..usually another exercise in manipulating reality I hear

  8. Re: HMRC bullying, mistreatment of people (taxpayers & staff) and misconduct; does anyone know if HMRC staff receive any training on what constitutes Misconduct in Public Office.

    Maybe they should read the Crown Prosecution Service's guidance:

    The UK deserves a tax authority which acts with integrity and in which we can all have trust & confidence. #HMRCcorruption

  9. Here's 2017 results for comparison when 2018 survey released

    1. 2018 People Survey Main Results:
      Engagement figures DOWN in 7 out of 9 Sections
      64% filled in survey...DOWN 3% from last year ever after all the bullying to fill it in.
      Overall engagement figure is down 1%....senior management will be gutted about that...that's their headline figure.
      The main dissatisfaction is with pay 22%.....Leadership 38%....and the useless learning and development 54%.
      Jon Thompson has already come out with the usual waffle....."disapointing results...but great to see brilliant HMRC values....the Intranet comments section is already filling up.
      No senior management or brown nosed corporate communications to be seen on the comments section....they will give it a few days....and then start the spin.

    2. As usual, due to management interference, these results are not an accurate reflection of reality - its much worse than that, be in no doubt.

      Scrap Laura Whyte's review and get criminal investigators into HMRC to sort out the issue of staff bullying which is ruining lives, draining the department of talent and costing the taxpayer huge amounts in wasted money. Not long before the first HMRC staff member is criminally prosecuted for covering up this disturbing conduct meted out from management...

  10. Instigating a review, usually seen as a precursor to diluting the findings of a stronger investigation or even an'investigation'.
    Either way, as seen before when 'independant' reports are published, action has already been taken plus lessons learnt and protective measures put in place to ensure...

  11. There's an article today about the scammers are targeting students. With convincing emails and websites. Once you have given them the details, it's too late.

    Crime does not pay, I agree. Although only if you get caught.

  12. Horrendous stories, To all those considering blowing the whistle on HMRC Misconduct , please check out :
    This not-for-profit organization can help you in raising issues or concerns that are happening or have happened in the workplace

    1. To all those considering what to do about: HMRC bullying, HMRC harassment, HMRC cover-ups, HMRC corruption, HMRC misconduct, HMRC law-breaking; do the decent thing and contact WBUK.

  13. - Bullies don’t change their spots unless they’re faced with loss of prestige, livelihood or income
    - Time for HMRC bullies, NOT victims, to face the loss of prestige, livelihood or income (including pensions for those who have escaped appropriate sanction thus far)

  14. HMRC's problem with bullying getting much-needed media attention again, but will the perpetrators face justice?

    "Hundreds of civil servants working in Whitehall have made complaints about suffering sexual harassment or bullying at the hands of colleagues – but only a fraction of staff have faced disciplinary action." WHY IS THAT?

    Those thugs should be put before disciplinary hearings and/or the courts. And those corrupt individuals in HR Casework who collude with perpetrators of violence to ensure they get their story straight before appointing a 'friendly' Grade 6 or 7 to carry out a perfunctory 'investigation' to exonerate HMRC should be investigated and put before the courts for conspiring to pervert the course of justice, contempt of court and misconduct in public office.