Tuesday 28 May 2024

HMRC Awards Capgemini £245M - A Nice Little Earner

It's time to take a hard look at the recent decision by HMRC to extend its contract with Capgemini for legacy system maintenance. The deal, worth a staggering £245.5 million, means that in just 2.5 years, taxpayers will have contributed half a billion pounds to keep the lights on at HMRC.

The Cost of Legacy Systems

Legacy systems, by their very nature, are outdated. They represent old technology, often riddled with inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities. Yet, HMRC has chosen to pour more money into maintaining these systems rather than investing in modern, efficient, and secure alternatives.

The cost of this decision is not just financial. It's a cost borne by every taxpayer in the UK, who must continue to navigate a tax system propped up by outdated technology. It's a cost to the economy, as resources that could be used to drive innovation and growth are instead sunk into maintaining the status quo.

The Role of Capgemini

Capgemini, a multinational professional services and business consulting corporation, has been tasked with keeping these legacy systems running. But at what cost? The £245.5 million contract represents a significant investment in a company tasked with maintaining, not modernising, our tax system.

While Capgemini might have the expertise to manage these systems, the question remains: is this the best use of their skills, and our money? Could these resources not be better spent on developing a tax system fit for the 21st century?

The Need for Change

It's clear that a change is needed. Rather than pouring money into legacy systems, HMRC should be investing in modern, efficient, and secure technology. This would not only save money in the long term but also provide a better service to taxpayers.

In an era of digital transformation, it's disgrasceful to see HMRC clinging to the past. It's time for them to step into the future, for the sake of every taxpayer in the UK.

In conclusion, while the decision to extend the contract with Capgemini might keep the lights on at HMRC for now, it's a short-sighted move that fails to consider the long-term implications. It's time for HMRC to stop relying on legacy systems and start investing in the future. The taxpayers deserve better.

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  1. More back handers than Wimbledon.

  2. If anyone can decipher this meaningless bullshit, do let me know. They're getting 100k for something, I imagine they'll have to talk out of their arse for an hour at the interview in front of a panel of clueless nodding dogs.

    HMRC is a joke.


  3. The amount of money HMRC pisses up the wall is beyond belief. Another digital new build, that we're paying for. Happy days for the government contract troughers..


  4. More money flushed down the toilet. £3 Million for Tuning. Who's doing it? Taylor Swift?

    No point having all this information if there is nobody there to look at it or do an investigation.