Tuesday 14 May 2024

Taxpayers' Money Spaffed Up The Wall on DEI - DEI Must DIE!


Further to my article yesterday about the cost of DEI in HMRC, the loyal reader who shared the FOI has provided the following update:

"there are network chairs for 



-Religion or Belief 



-Social Mobility 

Gender Each network has one chair (20%), 2 deputy chairs (20% each) and one regional lead for each of the 14 regions who each get 20%. 

So 17 people for each network each on 20%.

There are also people called menopause warriors, but it's not clear if they get official time. Same with Autism buddies."

That's up to £16K per person.

Our money being spaffed up the wall on this bollocks!

DEI must DIE!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Two hours wasted at a meeting talking utter shite. Take minutes, so that they can prove they were doing something if anyone asks. Which is doubtful. A couple of bullet points at the end, such as have another meeting in a fortnight.

    A nice flask of Tea and Coffee, a few biscuits which is prolonged as much as possible to avoid doing any work. Read a few emails, shuffle a bit of paper and call it a day.

    You're laughing.

  2. What does £51 Million get you in 2024. More staff on the telephone meat grinder being micro managed to the point of nervous breakdown?

    Will Mr Harra now have a forced rethink on cutting the phones for garden variety punters?

    Incompetence doesn't come cheap.


  3. You couldn't make this shit up. 800 years.


  4. More fuel to the fire from Guido on DEI spending

    He's written another article about the amount the SCS Grades are splashing out on Business Travel across the Civil Service. Let them eat cake as Marie Antoinette would say.

    Shit Kickers