Friday 10 May 2024

Useless Gobshites!


As per Guido:

"Later this month will see HMRC organising a “cross Civil Service discussion” to lament about the fourth anniversary of George Floyd’s death. 

Topics up for discussion at the session will include where Treasury pen-pushers were when they first heard the life-altering news."

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. The best comment on Guido's article was describing the Department as:

    HM Arsey

  2. Meanwhile, HMRC will happily bully white, hetro males if their face doesn't fit...not even stopping when they cause mental breakdown and suicidal suicidal ideation.

    But they'll virtue signal about some thug in the USA who has in the past stabbed a pregnant woman.

    Those fucking scumbags make taxpayers sick. Evil filth.

    1. Oh woe is me!
      I'm white.
      I'm male.
      I'm heterosexual.
      Everyone is picking on me, it ain't fair.
      Yeah, sure, whatever. Your life must be an unremitting hell.

      By the way, you might like to do a simple fact check. Floyd didn't stab a pregnant woman. He pointed a gun at a woman while his accomplices ransacked her property. She wasn't pregnant. Still vile behaviour for which he was correctly jailed but no need to propogate lies.

      I will also wait to see this story reported elsewhere than the extremist right-wing Guido Fawkes site before deciding whether or not it is rowlocks.

  3. Whoopie. How many of these non jobs still exist? Are they going to be abolished too?