HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Monday, 16 February 2015

A Right Balls Up!

As per the Independent:
"People should always ask for receipts when they hand over money for the smallest job in the house or garden, the shadow Chancellor has insisted.

Ed Balls said he always requested proof of payment from tradesmen, even if it was only for £10 for trimming a hedge, because it was the “right thing to do”."
Hands up all the tradesmen, waiters, taxi drivers, bush trimmers, beggars etc etc that have received money/tips from Balls without handing over a receipt?

The man is a complete pillock!

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. They do as little as possible for the voting public and go home to their mansions at night, pour a brandy and go on line to check their property portfolios and off shore bank accounts........ why do we even think they are the least bit interested in us?

  2. Has our friend Balls insisted on a full independent investigation into the HMRCs performance?
    if not, why?

  3. It was the Labour muppets that had the bright spiffing idea to merge Customs and the Inland Revenue. None of them, Labour or Conservatives have a clue or could give two shits.

    1. Yeah, just a load of spineless, chinless half wits sponging off us

    2. If, the promised Milliband/Balls 'grass roots review' of HMRC ever sees the light of day things could get interesting.
      All would agree that Brown created a mess but that was years ago now and the current incumbents have done very little to address the mess.
      Labour might well accept that historic criticism bite the bullet and lay the blame on Brown, moving rapidly forward that would negate most of the Coalitions arguments with one sharp stroke.

    3. Turn up to the awards ceremony that will be held at the Park Lane Hilton on the evening of 21 April.
      Its a date and venue that any and all people who have 'issues' with the service they get from HMRC can turn up to and make their feelings known.... time to put our words into actions...... see you there......mobilise or lose a great opportunity to publicise the disgrace that is the HMRC

  4. He has to get a receipt otherwise he couldn't claim it back from the House of Commons

  5. It's double bollocks!

  6. Balls talking Bollocks!! fits well we all know he's a cock, problem is he's an arsehole as well!

    1. Laughing my arse off at this comment. So true. Comedy gold. Well done, it gave me a chuckle :)

  7. Has the hedge trimmer himself yet spoken? A nation awaits.

  8. Apart from a few clippings in the press this wont grow into anything else or branch out further as HMRC Investigators have been cut back and pruned down below grass roots levels.

    1. He's probably too busy trimming his wife's bush !!!!

  9. Ed balls needs to get off his arse to see if he can make a living charging a tenner to cut any hedge,let alone pay tax on it.It costs more than that to get there and back.It shows how much physical work hes done.What we need is a hot air tax in westminster,so that every time he opens his gob it costs him a tenner.Cunt.

  10. Anyone know where I can invest £500,000,000 and only get £22,000,000 back?
    I'm a hard working tax payer so I cannot afford to fuck this up it's got to be a good investment.
    The NCA you say, thanks guys I'll put my money there............. wind the clock on.......oooops sorry sir we've spunked it all up the wall, we've spent your £500,000,000 and here's the £22,000,000 we've got to show for it!!!!!
    Please sir can you give us another £500,000,000 for this year, I'm sure we can do better, we may even double what we achieved last year!!!
    FUCKING IDIOTS.......... Just like HMRC and we are footing the bill!

  11. How much of this £500,000,000 was to "rebrand" SOCA into NCA, to build their new hubs that have no parking for staff, in closing offices before leases expire, on compulsory moves for staff, and on exit packages for investigation staff in some regions? A breakdown of costs would make great reading.

  12. don't worry about that, the police are now going to raise the funds needed by charging protesters for the costs incurred policing their protesting! That'll raise the £478,000,000 shortfall each year. Problem solved guys, move on nothing to see here

  13. How much of this ball shit and bollocks have the Great British public got to endure before our reps sort this fuck up out.
    List of people put in a position to act for us:
    List of people actually acting for us: