HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

HMRC To Bring In SFO and Police

Either as a result of yesterday's PAC hearing, or by happenstance, HMRC (according to the BBC) will be bringing in the police and SFO wrt the HSBC tax evasion scandal.

We shall see!

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  1. Is the HMRC going to ask the Police and SFO to investigate the HMRC as well?
    Law breaking, Data protection breaches, exceeding authority, Illegal redundancies, Bullying, lies to parliament, lies to committees, criminal waste of tax payers funds

  2. HMRC bringing in the Serious Farce Office and The Old Bill?

    Don't make me laugh, they have been ordered to let them in.

  3. We've got to have a couple of honest Serious Farce Office and Old Bill guys that can dig around and find the corruption here !

  4. BBC news and now widely reported elsewhere in media that proof exists that HMRC were contacted as far back as 2008 by Falciani by e.mail and phone.

    No doubt they will have kept strict records and not managed to have shredded this lot.
    Any in-depth enquiry would have to overcome HMRC's rather anal approch to taxpayer confidentiality issues and records of a sensitive nature with duty of care etc. Might just get in the way shoud anyone open the right cupboards, boxes or bottom drawers if HMG orders an investigation.

    Put your money on an enquiry to be launched after the general election and headed by someone from the establishment, probably the head of one of the big 6 accountancy firms.

    There is a storm a coming, batten down the hatches Homer & Co, the timing of this one couldnt be worse. A scapegoat is required, mmmm...?

  5. Seems that the mighty HMRC has more rouges and law breakers working for it than they are trying to catch. Pity the honest tax payers are funding crooks to play at being the authority in such matters.
    HMRC you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  6. Let's be fair to HMRC, give them 20 Years to sort it guys! I wonder what PAC, SFO and our politicians are finally going to do about this disgraceful situation and the lying conniving prats that are running this horror show.

  7. Police and SFO get off your arses get into HMRC and do your fucking duty.
    You swore an oath, uphold it.

  8. I can see it now, after 5 years of investigation, we have found no clear evidence of wrongdoing, save a few flawed systems etc etc etc

  9. How long has the HMRC been going? How many Billions has it cost? How many Billions does it waste each year? How many 100s of Millions does it fail to collect? How many Billions does it turn a blind eye to? How many Millions spent on failed IT projects? How much more are we going to endure before we insist on an independent investigation into the mighty HMRC.
    Criminal negligence, Fraud,Law breaking, Data protection breaches, exceeding authority, Illegal redundancies, Bullying, lies to parliament, lies to committees, criminal waste of tax payers funds. Its been 10 Days now and fucking nowts happening, if it was us they'd be at us like a fucking ferret up a drain pipe! HMRC breaks the law, above the law, controls the law. NCA and SFO another waste of tax payers money, cant see them banging down any doors, can you?

    1. Nobody is going to do a thing, we'll keep doing comic relief, children in need, et al to fund the gapping hole in our worlds corrupt system and stand idly by as HMRC allow the coffers to dwindle through their inaction, incompetence and downright negligence. The NCA has cost us £500,000,000.00 for a £22,000,000.00 return on investment. Our politicians line their already full pockets while they tell us we're in this together and we need to pull our belts in! can anyone name one politician that's actually in this with us?

  10. Another One for dispatches I do think!

  11. Well, are the NCA, SFO, Police in HMRC? its been TWO weeks now.
    Are they investigating defrauding the Queen and country by systematically avoiding the main tax dodgers, giving them sweet deals and preferential rates to others, failing to do their duty when evidence is provided ......and all while persecuting the many?

  12. Given the lack of depth with which Hodges Committee investigate HMRC perhaps the PASC is better for the task at hand.
    The depth and breadth of law breaking is breath taking and a scandal to which MP's of all parties are waking up to.
    waking up to it is one thing, getting off their arses and taking decisive action is another.
    How do we make this cluster fuck THE main election issue?

  13. By getting off our own lazy arses and making sure your MP's are made aware in no uncertain terms and requested to contact Milliband and Balls requesting that their promised independant grass roots review is undertaken and expanded to include staff issues;
    “That’s why Ed Balls and I are today announcing an independent, root and branch review of the culture and practice of HMRC when it comes to tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance.”, write to your MP's now, highlighting your concerns and asking for the review to be extended to employment practices and launched as soon as possible.

    Then try getting one or two of the groups such as 38 degrees or similar to take an additional interest. You cant leve it all to the ex HMRC employee writing for Private Eye - you have to do something yourselves people!