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HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 6 February 2015

Gauke Shoots Down HMRC Proposal

HMRC, taking a cue from its political masters, really has a bee in its bonnet over tax avoidance. As such it is champing at the bit to "name and shame" people who persistently avoid paying their ‘fair share’ (whatever "fair share" actually means in reality).

In fact HMRC is so keen to name and shame people that it has issued a consultation paper, Strengthening Sanctions for Tax Avoidance, where it asks whether publicly naming “serial avoiders” would be effective and proportionate.

Unsurprisingly, HMRC has realised that such a power would require “especially careful handling”.

Aside from the fact that avoidance is legal and, as such, naming and shaming people for not breaking the law sounds a tad shitty; the question stands, can HMRC be trusted with such a power?

Chas Roy-Chowdhury, head of tax at the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, is unimpressed. He is quoted by ContractorUK:
It sets a dangerous precedent to ‘name and shame’ taxpayers who are acting within the law.

Rather than looking at ways to introduce more punitive punishments on to those looking to exploit the myriad complexities of our taxation system, the government would be better served focusing its efforts on bringing greater clarity and simplicity to the system”.
HMRC wants to use the name and shame technique to encourage "behaviour change"; this is part and parcel of the government's "nudge" techniques, crafted by psychologists and designed to manipulate us into behaving in a manner that the state approves of.

Those who wish to comment on this have until 12th March.

Ironically David Gauke shoots down the whole proposal in his foreword:
There remains a small but hardened core of tax avoiders who…remain indifferent to public outrage at tax avoidance”.
In other words these people won't give a flying fark about being named!

Thus one is left wondering:

- What is the point of this?

- Can HMRC be trusted with such a power?

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  1. so to summarise its a pointless illegal exercise aimed at people that have done no wrong BUT the HMRC don't like the FACT that the way they are conducting their tax affairs is NOT ILLEGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HMRC have the habit of exceeding their remit, powers, authority, AND are NOT averse to BREAKING LAWS themselves to try to get a result!!!!
    Fucking hypocrites..... THEY ARE THE ONES THAT WANT NAMING AND SHAMING for abysmal performance, systems, results, management

    1. Stop shouting!

    2. YOU should be SHOUTING !!!!!! But I don't suppose you give a shit that these pricks are abusing your rights and freedoms

  2. An interesting proposal which may not deter the hardened avoider perhaps, but there are a whole lot of people out there in the public eye who might think twice -ministers, MPs , entertainers , the googles and starbucks of this world who at least have to consider reputational damage.
    As for things being legal there have been plenty of schemes which have deliberately set out to exploit weaknesses in legislation by using extremely convoluted steps which have been deliberately hidden from HMRC. If exposed to the light of day the courts may well have shot them down.
    Finally whilst HMRC as the executive may propose it is MPs who legislate and decide what resources are available to HMRC.It is my understanding that all the main political parties have decided avoidance is wrong in principle, not HMRC.

  3. Morning all!
    No prizes for guessing what Ken is likely to post today as it's such headline news, but...
    Will there be a clear connection shown to who HSBC put on their books to advise on "honesty", would it be someone who lied to the Government or PAC?
    Clue, it wasn't Ken Dodd!

  4. Gaukes repose on the news this morning to HMRC's lack of aggression regarding these HSBC revelations is frankly laughable - what a fucking clown he is.

    1. Gauke probably thinks that tax is what holds your carpet down.

      Historically, as a nation, we are used to being led by buffoons. It would help if they were marginally competent.

  5. We should be naming and shaming HMRC staff that are allowing selective tax avoidance.