HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

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  1. Interesting. But given HMRC is nowadays run like an authoritarian dictatorship I would imagine the moderators will block any honest posts which are even mildly critical of the regime's rulers. In other words another money wasting and time wasting ruse, to create a perception of openness, just like the 'rigged' staff survey according to the newspaper. I doubt it is a 'consultation' or a 'dialogue' - they seem to be treating George Orwell's 1984 as an instruction manual.

    1. Well, if the beggars bugger about with the staff survey what credibilty does this system have?

      I would not trust this lot to tell the truth let alone publish anything that goes with it.

    2. HMRC lost a letter I sent recorded delivery to my tax office. Did they ever find it? NO. Did anyone there get disciplined for losing sensitive data? NO. After they were sent another copy with a complaint they then failed to reply to that too, until a 2nd complaint was made. They then LIED and said a reply had been sent several weeks before. Strangely to this day (months later) it never turned up and Royal Mail can't find it either. I wonder why. I felt HMRC were a bunch of liars.

      So if they rig the results of staff surveys, bully people and allow law breaking in a high profile case they lost (and these are just things covered on here in recent weeks) my experience with them is not a surprise.

      What does surprise me is given all this stuff is why more taxpayers & accountants do not challenge their integrity & honesty when they are issue with assessments which they disagree and can prove are wrong. Such an approach could help HMRC to clean the place up.

    3. At the end of the day HMRC do not consult or listen. It is a waste of time. The HMRC Senior Management, for good or bad, make the decisions which are best for the them and their career. As has been commented on, they are out of control, with too few senior managers having too much power, and they appear a law unto themselves. A 'Minister for HMRC' at Cabinet level would be a good start for a Department which is integral for our public finances. The organisation will only change for the better if ordered to do by our political representatives. I call on Messrs Robertson & Corbyn to join together in calling on the Prime Minister Mrs May to have an investigation into the culture of HMRC to enable the guilty to be accountable and the Department to make the necessary changes.

    4. There is undoubtably a growing groundswell of opinion that HMRC is long overdue to be called to account for a wide range of issues from pitiful 'customer' service and an inability to handle any form of communication satisfactorily through what is obviously a complete and utter disregard and contempt for the law whether it be in dealings with 'customers' or the way in which it treats its staff.

      Unless the PM and others recognise, accept and get to grips with the worsening situation it is likely that billions more of taxpayers tax will be wasted.
      IPCC should be ordered in with an independant and capable oversight.

    5. What is required of HMRC is a man or woman of the stature of Sir Robert Mark, who is one of the great reforming public service administrators in history, and who cleaned up The Met, to take charge.

      Fair rules & regulations for ALL staff, with disciplinary action for ALL those, senior or junior, who fail to comply with the rules and/or the law, with penalties up to and including dismissal and criminal investigations always considered. Fair tax rules for businesses large and small, which are then robustly enforced in even handed way. Honesty, integrity and decency being absolute and front & centre of everything HMRC do. This would reform HMRC no doubt. None of this is rocket science, we can't wait for the likes of PCS Union to act, all that's needed is someone of a certain calibre to get a grip and sort it out.

    6. Anyone who thinks that Hmrc will ever be called to account must think again. Who cares if they behave with decency or not, whether they break the law or not? Its not as though the public, media and MPs are totally unaware of the Hmrc situation.

    7. Re: anon 11/11 13:34

      I care if HMRC do not behave decently or obey the law. The public deserves better from our tax authority. I was shocked to hear of the HMRC Officer breaking the law briefing a newspaper revealed in the recent court ruling and that he was apparently just allowed to get away with alleged criminal conduct.

    8. If I may be allowed to expand a little.
      Hartnett. was the HMRC boss, his actions, a matter of public record, were criminal - he passed Taxpayer Confidential information to a third party that had no right to see it. However, that is not the end of it, the information was passed in the belief that the third party would provide information on others who were up to no good.
      Whichever way this is examined there is more than one issue at stake.
      Whilst we may wonder why nothing has been done, I suspect that the people who make the decisions are wondering WTF to do!
      Its a damned disgrace and typifies current standards unfortunately.
      Happy to stand corrected wherever it can be shown that the preceding is incorrect.

    9. From the info in the public domain the above is accurate. But if there has been criminal law breaking within HMRC then certainly the right and proper thing to do would be for HMRC management to hand the matter to the police for independent investigation. I wonder why they haven't done that.

    10. Do HMRC not carry out Criminal Record Checks on applicants to try to stop crooks gaining employment in the system in the first place?

      Also if there is such poor discipline within HMRC i.e. HMRC failing to act when confronted with evidence such as in the aforementioned case, how are we tax payers supposed to trust them with our money, personal data etc? That's why most public services have a professional standards dept to weed out the scoundrels to maintain integrity in the system and the trust & confidence of the public. A very worrying state of affairs.

    11. In response to 08:31 & 08:59

      The management won't call the 'Old Bill' or IPCC in simply because its the effing managers breaking the law. I have previously requested directly to Hartnett that allegations of widespread civil and criminal law breaking against myself and other team members be referred to 'professional standards', he declined. It is a matter of record that PCS, my MP, Margaret Hodge/PAC and the NAO were aware subsequently as was Homer.

      Its an old adage that there is no smoke without fire and they knew exactly what had gone on.

      WRT CRO checks, a few years ago HMRC bosses were running round like headless chickens when they were made aware that so many staff had undeclared CRO's, it was sheer panic, especially when you consider those with undeclared CRO in the evidential chain from within their Law Enforcement domain!

      So, as someone with 40 yrs in HMC&E and unfortunately HMRC under the belt and having appeared for the prosecution from Magistrates Courts, JP warrant swearing, Crown Court and Royal Courts of Justice I leave you the reader to consider my reliablity (as a witness of truth).

      So, again Mrs May, over to you, rest addured I will assist, gladly, in order to see justice done and this arrogance and law breaking stopped.

      Anyone else got the bottle to contribute or is the parable of the sheep/le still paramount?

    12. re above @ 16:42 an omission/error - the Law Breaking was by management against self and team - just in case I gave the wrong impression!
      (1st para lines 3 & 4)
      excuse, bad ty[pin, bad Isight LOL

    13. Further to the recent revelations about HMRC's law breaking by disclosing confidential data to "The Times", which undermines taxpayers trust in HMRC, it is a matter of deep concern that such conduct is not investigated and punished.

      I can see that management may not want to report such allegations about management to the relevant authorities, but that is what they should do. Indeed they have a active duty to do so and are failing in their own responsibilities if they turn a blind eye and walk on by.

      The above account of law breaking appears very genuine and is consistent with the well known institutional arrogance of HMRC.

      Should there ever be an investigation into the culture and/or law breaking and/or general wrongdoing within the organisation then I am certain there would be a number of reliable witnesses to contribute to the process.

      When one hears and reads so many similar stories regarding what goes on there, then to put it gently it suggests something is not right. The ignorance and cover ups is an affront to persons of integrity and good character. All those who believe in the rule of law can ask is that a genuinely independent investigation is carried out. That investigation is overdue.

    14. Wrt the various above I have found that when presented with the uncomfortable truth HMRC respond with dishonesty and what can only be described as cowardly aggression. The above account re senior management refusing to send evidence to 'professional standards' sounds very much like a cover up. To say they lack integrity would be an understatement.

    15. Re 12/11 16:42 any person with any evidence of criminality, who believes that the investigating authorities have ignored the evidence, surely has the option of writing to the DPP? Nobody is above the law and that includes civil service depts.

    16. Perhaps people with integrity who placed their trust in the system as at head of organisation or Chair of a PAC/NAO lost faith in the system?
      Your last sentence bashes the nail on the head and squashes it flat!