HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Monday, 24 November 2014

DRD Plans Watered Down - Seemingly

The Treasury's Direct Recovery of Debts (DRD) plans have, seemingly, been watered down. The plans now come with a number of safeguards; eg taxpayers will be afforded the right of appeal at court before any funds can be emptied from their bank accounts.

There will be a guaranteed face-to-face contact with an HMRC officer and the creation of a specialist unit to deal with cases involving vulnerable members of society, as well as the provision of a dedicated DRD team and helpline.

Additionally, action will only be taken against those with over £1,000 of tax or tax credits debt, a minimum of £5,000 will be left across debtors' accounts, a lien will only be placed on the funds in the affected account up to the value of the debt and the recalcitrant taxpayers will have 30 days (twice as long as originally planned) to contact HMRC and arrange repayment.

Many people are hailing this as a victory, and are expressing gratitude to the government for listening. All very well, and polite. However, I would make two observations:

1 There are perfectly adequate means, via the courts, already at the disposal of HMRC to recover tax debts. These extra powers are unnecessary.

2 The above modifications are merely "promises" made by Gauke et al. Until the proposed legislation is actually scrutinised, those offering thanks for a "listening" government may care to take their feet off the "gratitude pedal" and stop kowtowing.

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  1. Adequate means, via the court system already exists for HMRC to recover tax debts (WE HAVE TO USE IT, SO WHY SHOULDNT THEY?)
    AND any promises by ANYONE in HMRC is to be viewed as LIES.

  2. it would be bad enough these idiots raiding your bank account IF they were right!
    But some of the horror stories you read TELLS you that in a very short time there will be numerous complaints of money being taken wrongfully. THEN yet again as with the mighty HMRC the innocent party will have to fight to get the F@CK UP sorted. And that means NEEDLESSLY dealing with an HMRC that you cant contact, that wont contact you back, and hasn't got a clue what they are doing!!!!

  3. Would like to see hard figures for so-called non-compliant "customers" and the alleged "guesstimate" of tax not paid.
    Then I would like to see hard figures of how much TAXPAYERS money remains unremitted in the HMRC "swagbag" while said taxpayers attempt to contact the tw@ts to get their money.
    Perhaps then we would see the true picture and see how unjustified and immoral this legislation would be.
    If tax is owed it should be paid, yep, whether that is to HMG or in reverse to the taxpayer matters not.
    RTI will not connect effectively to the banking side of the department, that is as obvious as the tax demand/recovery side failing to connect to the banking side.
    Gauke is as arrogant as he looks and is not going to do anything to change the current methodology, management nor mindset, unless it looks like losing votes.
    Anyone believing HMRC is efficient at what it does should just look back at reported facts, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence, despite what some might contend. It's just not joined up to give the full picture that's all.

  4. ALL the information you ask for should be readily available...BUT the SYSTEM for carrying this out (its called the HMRC) DOESNT WORK. So if they don't know ALL of the above, how do they know they are right??
    they have lost what little trust and confidence anyone ever had in them, even the politicians know the 'situation' but nobodies brave enough to sort it out.

  5. Ever heard of 'GRAB A LOT......GIVE A LITTLE BACK' Its an old trick to ease the pain of YOU being shafted from a great height!!
    The FACT that they are TOTALLY out of order doesn't bother them.