HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Update for Ex Com on Employee and Industrial Relations

PCS have published the transcript of an undated document entitled "Update for Ex Com on Employee and Industrial Relations" written by Jonathan Donovan, HMRC's Deputy Director Employee Relations and Advice.

It is not the most well crafted of documents I have ever encountered; the grammar and spelling leave much to be desired, eg page 2:
"..ARC have called of their dispute with HMRC.."
Notwithstanding that, the document boils down to saying relations with ARC are "normalised" but relations with PCS need to be improved, or its influence marginalised "by maintaining dialogue only to meet statutory minimum requirements".

The writing has been on the wall for many years, quite why this has taken PCS by surprise now is beyond me.

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  1. Hidden agendas. Have a look at who got promoted over recent years in the higher tiers of PCS, might give some insight.
    The union has let it's members down badly and with rumours of an independent union that would have management approval and their rapidly demininishing subscription base they are scrambling to catch up having been totally blindsided.

  2. I heard last year Mark Serwotka was thinking of merging PCS with Unite any further news on this as numbers dwindle and subs fall can PCS survive?

  3. Well that might prove interesting as it's the largest UK union. Not sure it's track record on retention of public sector jobs is any better than PCS.
    For a modern union, as it appears to be, it is stuck in the past somewhat as a quote from within its website linked to a concept called "Strategic Sectoral Organising" andrelated to the dinosaur concept of old style unionism states;
    "The critical pillar of Unite Organising is the emphasis and commitment to re-building
    the ‘Shop Stewards Movement’. It is the central belief of Unite Organising that the Trade Union and wider Labour Movement can only be rebuilt upon the foundation stone of credible and committed workplace 'leaders'."
    Perhaps the dinosaurs didn't die out after all?

  4. Totally disillusioned with PCS, full of rhetoric but no substance, agreed blindsided and in fear subscriptions will dramatically fall because of EXCOMS action of stopping subs coming directly out of salaries. All about the bottom line.

  5. Yeah, don't know what the subs are these days but seem to remember they were amongst the highest of any union. Value for money? Well if you are happy to see money going overseas to some obscure group or other.
    Still trying to figure out the acceptance of Lean by PCS though, must have been a good deal?

  6. PCS should carry out a satisfaction/engagement survey!

    Let's face it, most staff are in the union because of the perceived fear of what might happen to them if they weren't. The reality is that most of the time you've just got to stand up for yourself anyway. I was a union member for 25 years (PCS and predecessors), but became totally disillusioned with them constantly being distracted by side issues and internal politics. Leaving the union was the second best thing I ever did - the best being waving a cheery (two-fingered) farewell to HMRC itself.

    Nice to see how many previous union 'firebrands' have gone on to senior management success though ....

  7. Hmmmmm! Couldn't agree more. Got kicked out of HMC&E with the connivance of the local Brach Secretary. The A/C involved is now a very senior departmental figure whom I can only imagine will have fully endorsed Jonathans' document.

    1. '...local branch secretary .....'

  8. useless shit heads leading the willing and able, will it never change?