HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
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Friday, 14 November 2014

RTI Scuttlebutt - Update

My thanks to the loyal reader who has updated me on the RTI cock up, that I wrote about a couple of days ago, involving the doubling of some employees' RTI salary records.

Seemingly the RTI year end has been processed twice by HMRC, thus doubling a large number of taxpayers' year end salary. HMRC have, apparently, realised that there has been a cock up and have stopped sending out the incorrect tax demands.

The loyal reader who told me about this says that HMRC have told him over the phone that it will take between 6-8 weeks to resolve cases, and that thousands of people (and many companies) have been affected.

I would be grateful to hear from anyone who has been affected by this cock up.

Additionally, I am at a loss to understand how a "real time" system can process the same data twice and double it up? This sounds to me more akin to a batch processing system, where the same data is fed through twice without being checked.

Tax does have to be taxing.

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  1. Unfailing believable is a phrase oft seen here!
    Such a basic error is totally unacceptable and a certain head should roll or at least rapidly the whole individual should exit the revolving doors, rapido!
    RTI being the cornerstone of the welfare system reforms it beggars belief that this should have happened. That a certain individual departed shortly before the SHTF indicates at least one person knew the volume of effluent looming beyond the horizon.
    The timing of the cockup is bad for HIM with an election around the corner, added to which, it should put a nail in the coffin of further powers being approved re. access to 'customers' bank a/c's.
    Trouble is, when you can no longer trust the tax administration system, the politicians and the bankers, things are in a bad mess.
    Hopefully, someone may get parachuted into HMRC, an old style troubleshooter, given the power and backing to sort things out, kick out the deadwood and generally get HMRC back on the rails.
    Things must no longer be allowed to slither from mess to mess, it's taxpayers, note, money, that is being wasted by the billion by incompetent management.
    The sooner HMG accepts there is a total clusterfeck that urgently needs sorting the better, whoever goes in needs to use a short sharp shock to get the message across, a night of the long knives would be a start as there does not appear to be anyone in the management chain that is worthy of retention, but then anyone reading this blog on a regular basis would know that.
    Definitely time for another Private Eye expose'!
    Better still, someone to join the dots of Eye, here, 38 degrees, TPA, Guido etc.

  2. Any troubleshooter would need to have integrity and not a track (railway?) record of failures in public office, culminating in a £20k bonus!

    It would be a benefit if the individual was not a common purposs graduate and was able to say no to any more PC related crap and Lean/Pacesetter waste. This would enable the workers and the few good managers to get started on what will be a long road to recovery.

  3. Ken

    Have you seen the Huffington Post article re a leaked memo from HMRC which seems to set out plans to disengage with the Unions, to put it mildly, and boasts about one union already being sidelined. They do not print the memo- anyone here have it?

  4. Deep reaching expose' regarding Customs & Excise abuse of powers and lack of accountability is on its way over 20 people have been working on this for nearly a Year, it should be ready to go public before Christmas, A team of 10 are on the RTI fiasco but they'll need until March. The shit will hit the fan very soon, But as ever very little will change.

  5. Here is a link, sorry.

  6. HMRC have no respect for the laws of this land, or anyone they deal with. NOW maybe YOU and your 50,000 members will get the message. THEY DONT CARE.
    By trying to represent your membership you AND your members are an annoyance that they could do without. they obviously don't recognise your union, so if you cant talk in a reasonable manner, what are your options? ACTION that will put you back at the negotiation table as well as bloody a few noses of the people that think they can abuse 50,000 loyal workers. tell me I'm wrong

  7. You have 50,000 members! that's power! and I bet you know other groups that would be willing to join 'the common cause' mobilise them, I'm thinking a public on line petition demanding that the Government carry out a FULL INDEPENDANT review, so that these people are reigned in and are made accountable to us.

  8. Unfortunately a petition will either not succeed or will slow the process down to enable the politicos to keep this out of the public eye and on a back burner until after the general election.

    Hopefully Huffington Post and others will notify Nationally that an expose' is underway and people will contact the investigative reporters or researchers as a result.

    BBC Wales are aware of regional issues and the Dundee Tribunal fiasco have been researched and reported by The Courier I believe.

    My local MP's, as well as a Welsh Assembly Member and a Plaid MP, plusthe likes of Margaret Hodge and the NAO are also aware and copied into my allegations.

    So, maybe the time is ripe for others to perform, or get off the pot! Ken will be aware how long and how serious my allegations have been. Sadly they are long term and not isolated.

  9. Separate issue, but could someone ruminate over the tax implications of 2 issues.

    1. The Supermarket, allegedly widespread in other retail sectors of suppliers issuing invoices stating they had paid amounts before those amounts were paid and the recipient's entering the amounts in their accounts, and,
    2. The Bloody Bankers, we're they declaring their ill gotten gains from their activities?

    Should keep HMRC busy sorting out the implications given the spread in companies, individuals and years.

  10. the supermarket bosses dine and play golf with the 'right people' charity donations, freebies etc ensure a blind eye. Bankers are the same the typical ceo has 'part time' fingers in many pies to ensure an easy trouble free life. They are in a select club that looks after their own

  11. They are certainly targeting reps, which is stated within the leaked document. Reps are being told they must stop any union work because they are over a mythical time limit.

  12. they say your never more than three yards from a complete sh@t

  13. If you're NOT looking at the person next to you with just a little bit of suspicion that they may be a mole........ you bloody well should be! Cover your back sides at all times and play it by the book. YOU don't want to be one of those poor fools made famous on watch dog etc for all the wrong reasons!

  14. E.mail is monitored, calls can be checked against a database of numbers of 'interest',
    if they really want to go to town they will do what they did with Osita Mia, and not give a damp as the Surveillance Commissioner turns the other way at an abuse of RIPA powers.
    But, don't forget that the Police and Criminal Evidence Act was brought in following Lord Scar man's review of Police abuse of powers!
    It takes time, but eventually it all comes out in the wash, and this lot need steam cleaning!

  15. The pen is mightier than the sword.
    BBC Panorama, Zone D, 4th Floor, BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, UK, W1A 1AA
    Watchdog, W1 NBH 07C, BBC New Broadcasting House,Portland Place, London W1A 1AA
    just add yours to the flow of excrement heading their way.