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HMRC Is Shite
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

The Demise of Purdah II - Hartley Not Guilty

Yesterday I wrote about Jonathan Hall, a senior information officer at HMRC, who had received bungs from Sun journalist Clodagh Hartley in exchange for leaking stories to the paper.

Whilst Hall had admitted wrongdoing, Hartley stood trial. The verdict is now in, and she has been found not guilty.

As per economia:
"Clodagh Hartley has been cleared of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office, two and a half years after being granted bail, as part of Operation Elveden.

The prosecution alleged that Jonathan Hall, a senior information officer at the Revenue, was paid over £4,000 by News International, a further £13,000 was paid into the account of his girlfriend Marta Bukarewicz – the majority of which was then transferred into his account, for leaks. Bukarewicz was also found not guilty.

Stories leaked to the Sun included details of an advertising campaign for the government website DirectGov, funded by £1.3m of taxpayers money.

On the morning of Budget Day 2010, the Sun also published a “leaked” announcement that there would be a rise in fuel duty.

It was revealed during Hartley’s trial that Hall has already pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office, according to the Guardian."
As I noted yesterday, doubtless Hall is but a single bad apple in HMRC's barrel. I wonder though whether he declared the income to HMRC, and whether HMRC will now cross check to see that he has done so?

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  1. HMRC look after their own, there will be no questions asked, they are probably patting him on the back as we speak! THIEVES, RACISTS, BULLIES, and ABOVE THE LAW.

  2. I have no doubt he will be dismissed and probably lose his pension. One of the smaller players you see. Big boys are given opportunity to retire early/resign before the proverbial hits the fan.
    If I understand it correctly the fact that he had admitted the offence was not made known at the journalist's trial. Seems certain news international employees have a get out of jail free card. Wonder why?

  3. Well that's one skeleton out of one cupboard.
    Interesting that it takes an outside authority to prise out something as simple as a press officer breaking the embargo by selling budget details to the media. When I dealt with them, they were in different sealed envelopes and kept in a safe until the alloted hour. Spot checks would be undertaken on budget day morning as a security measure and unopened envelopes returned to HQ. That was in HMC&E though, not
    this bunch of halfwits.

    As they say, "one snowflake does not a winter make".

    Hopefully, with the door being prised open a wee bit further the edifice may finally tumble.

    One thing is for sure, not only is it a damped disgrace and show the calibre of tw@ts that are in their media/press/information positions, it is also likely to have given the PM and Chancellor more than a pain or two!

    Sounds as though Hall may have had a reason to taste the poison chalice motivated by £'s rather than whistleblowing?

    Hopefully lose pension as a result, if not, why not?

    Kerching! Next

    Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry hear the word of the fraud.
    What's that rattling in the cupboard, Nemesis?!

  4. I love the way some of the investigators are more corrupt than the people they are investigating. POLITITIANS = CORRUPT
    We really haven't got a lot going for us have we?

    1. The Public -CORRUPT.

      Where do you want this to end?

    2. We are either conning, being conned or a bit of both.
      I think the vast majority of people are the latter.
      What I can't stomach is people (HMRC) pretending to be 'honest' and treating everyone else they meet as dishonest despite a TOTAL lack of any evidence.

  5. Corrupt investigators? Nah, surely not.

    Most of them on the telly so much doing non-investigative EVO type work they are qualified to hold equity cards never mind those shite 'baboons arse' jokes of warrant cards!

    It seems as though there is a media madness from the top down, and we have not seen that TV programme yet! Look at me, look at me, I'm on TV. The trouble is that a reality programme based on the shite that is HMRC would not pass the censors so bad are things.


    1. Here you go guys, no excuse for not having your say now! enjoy, but give them facts not emotion.
      Tiger Aspect

      Contact us

      4th Floor, Shepherds Building Central, Charecroft Way, London W14 0EE
      T:+44 (0) 20 7434 6700

  6. how long would Panorama have to run to expose ALL the corruption, victimisation, bullying and law breaking within the HMRC??
    And where would they start to have the MAXIMUM effect?
    Would love to watch that unfold!

    1. Maybe they could start with a hard hitting expose of how bad the corruption is at the top, could be entitled The Claret Jug Gets Smashed?
      Then follow up with a series of individual programmes titled e.g.
      Inspector Morse (Amyas) about the relationship between HMRC and the NAO
      More Questions Time - continuing where the NAO, PACIFIC, Treasury, HMRC and others left off
      The Muppet Show (continuous loop play) - long running comedy
      Miami Mice - top tech's dressed in 70 suits with buffont hair and big egos a bad taste in music and crap cars pretend to know what they are doing
      Songs of Praise (from Westminster Abbey - audience by invitation only)
      Only fools and horses and donkeys and sheep and rats and vultures
      Casualty - real life docudrama based on working conditions
      Call the Midwife - someone's messed up the whiteboards again with
      permanent markers!
      The Clangers - extra long programme listing all the noisy mistakes made by Excom & Co

      There may be more...

    2. what about OPEN ALL HOURS the story of HMRC Border Control
      or POINTLESS the quiz show where HMRC look for the most obscure answer to your question.

  7. How about WHATS IN MY ATTIC a FULL 'stock audit' of what HMRC should have in their seized items stock versus what they ACTUALLY have?
    with the FULL list of 'loses' being made public!
    now that would be an interesting expose.
    It could be followed by FAKE BRITAIN about just how thoroughly these 'loses' were investigated and how many HMRC staff were prosecuted for theft.

  8. Bonanza - screened only in Luxembourg, I.O.M., Sark, Gibraltar, C.I., and other tax havens.
    Playskool - where they send their fastrackers for their lobotomies
    Dads Army - a life in the day of their task forces or woteva they call them
    Universally Challenged - a pen portrait of Excom
    One Born Every Minute - Lean practice
    Top of the Flops - Civil Service game show of engagement challenges
    Escape to the Country - advice programme for staff thinking of leaving
    George Clarke's Amazing Spaces - 2 part documentary covering both the collective vacuum in Excom's skulls and the empty seizure warehouse (also classed as a mystery programme)

  9. The Skeleton In The Cupboard - Yes Minister, Series 2, Episode 3
    Tales of the Unexpected - similar title

  10. Here you go guys, no excuse for not having your say now! enjoy, but give them facts not emotion.
    Tiger Aspect

    Contact us

    4th Floor, Shepherds Building Central, Charecroft Way, London W14 0EE
    T:+44 (0) 20 7434 6700