HMRC Is Shite

HMRC Is Shite
Dedicated to the taxpayers of Britain, and the employees of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), who have to endure the monumental shambles that is HMRC.

Friday, 21 November 2014

HMRC Wins an Award

My thanks to a loyal reader who pointed out that not everything in HMRC's garden is covered in feculence.

Yesterday Suzanne Newton, HMRC's RTI Programme Director, won a civil service award under the category Dame Lesley Strathie Operational Excellence Award (sponsored by BT).

The judges were looking for examples of outstanding teams or individuals who have innovated, impressed and made a difference in their area over the past twelve months. Nominations were considered against award-specific criteria as well as the following elements:

Promotion or demonstration of the core values and behaviours set out in the Civil Service Code: Has the nominee acted (where relevant) with honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity?
Measurable benefits: Does the nomination provide evidence that demonstrates how the project or programme is having a tangible effect?
Working in partnership: Has the nominee introduced effective joint working arrangements that bring together colleagues from multiple teams, departments or other internal or external organisations?
Sustainability: Will the initiative/practice described leave a lasting legacy and can it be replicated across government?
Innovation: Has the nominee used innovative approaches, and made the best of technology available, which have resulted in a step up from business as usual and delivered real benefits to end users?
Impact: Has the nominee made an impact beyond their immediate team/business area/department?

Here is why the judges thought that Suzanne should win:

Suzanne Newton, Real Time Information Programme Director

HM Revenue & Customs
Suzanne Newton led the successful delivery of Real Time Information (RTI), a major digital government programme to reduce the burden on employers during payroll processing. RTI is the biggest modernisation of the PAYE system in 70 years and is a huge change for employers, the pensions industry and HMRC. PAYE is more accurate for employees and provides richer, more accurate, real-time data so that benefits can flex with earnings, helping welfare reform become a reality. In 2013-14, more than 1.8 million PAYE schemes were reporting RTI for 48m records, 99 per cent of the total, and HMRC processed more than 31m submissions, reporting over 660m payments to employees. RTI recently won two prestigious awards, with the Real IT Awards judges describing it as a "fantastic achievement”, demonstrating that government can and does deliver high-quality digital transformation that works.

As we all know, RTI is a real success story!


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  1. they are ALL in bed together, I call it pissing up each others backs and telling you its raining!!
    Jokes gone TOO FAR now...... not that it was ever funny.

  2. A case of NEWTONS LAW

    Suzzie Newton given award for FECKING EVERYTHING up !!!!!

    Award given to Richard Hill an HMRC local compliance planner for his voluntary work - well done Richard you deserve the award!

    which one gets your vote and appreciation?

  3. I put the original post on and included Richard Hill to show that there are some good people still in there, there are many unsung heroes acting as carers, companions or otherwise doing good work, so I am sure people will agree, Richards award shines a good light on them despite the conditions they are trying to work under.

    I never cease to be amased by HMRC smoke and mirrors but this RTI related award is beyond belief and makes you wonder what on earth the judges were reviewing, fiction? Just what have HMRC been telling the Treasury about RTI?

  4. Who were the judging panel? Stevie Wonder, Roy Orbison, and the Three blind mice!!!!
    I vote for Richard Hill, well done mate.
    AND shame on YOU Newton.

    1. Well, as if to prove a point, the judges include;

      SIR Amyas Morse, for it is he of NAO fame, referred to by Homer I believe as "Dear Old Amyas"!
      and, a certain;
      Jennifer Grange, Director General, Enforcement & Compliance at...HMRC!

      So, There We Are Then.

      Pass the back scratcher and the back slapper please.

      101, 101, 101...Dalmatians, non emergency Police, Squadron RAF, Nokia phone, switch protocols, nope, just last, that's all.

  5. Obviously not worth the paper its written on. Absolute farce. Well done Richard though one "deserving" winner.

  6. It seems that at least once a week HMRC publicise the fact that they have been nominated for, or have won some award givenue out by an association most have never heard of. Maybe I should set up my own association to give out an award to HMRC "Biggest Backslappers of the Decade".

  7. Well they've just got a bloody nose over the 'WE'LL TAKE IT FROM YOUR BANKS' initiative !!!!!!!!

    1. Not so sure of that. They can still raid your bank account now and ask questions later. They have literally been declared above the law.

      What's wrong with having to obtain a court order against you if you owe them money? They've always been able to do that. There's never been any objection to it. But you do have to prove the debt.

      I think I foresee some imaginative lawyer taking on a human rights case. This law seems to infringe quite a lot of rights.

    2. The problem for them going to court is that it forces them to be up to date and accurate and with RTI and the inability of their myriad systems to join up that is difficult and they could incur the wrath of the courts if they were caught out illegally seeking to recover a debt already paid.
      So, remove the court hurdle, and, as with everything else, if the computer says you owe it, out of your bank account goes the money. Government sanctioned robbery. Those approving the legislation or more likely advising on its practicalities and privatisation prospects are likely to be banking offshore via a legal, if immoral, tax avoidance scheme!
      One for the rich, a whole site load for the rest!

    3. push these f@ckers into court and watch the 'SYSTEM' crumble!
      Get it public as quickly as possible and watch the ARSEH@LES quiver!

  8. whose got examples of Border control victimisation? anyone going to stick their heads above the parapet?

    1. Are you in the right thread?

  9. Taken from, the bit about improving the civil service;

    "In order to fulfil our obligations to the Government and the public, the Civil Service has to continue to develop and adapt to new challenges. This means responding to
    increasing demand, complexity and diversity – all within the context of providing
    greater value for money.
    To help us do this, we have a range of programmes focusing on different aspects of improvement – from harnessing staff potential through better engagement, to
    systematic reviews of all departments."

    umm, are we beginning to see a picture forming here, denial on a massive scale along with those that see and experience the reality, and the lies and the spin

    The Emperors New Clothes!


  10. Step back and view the roses, the whole of society is infested with useless NGO or indeed full on government departments, all repeating what appear to be similar mantras. There must be a "vision", communicated in the approved manner, and that is just the starting point.
    As if every communication has churned out from the core of common purpose. For those of you with the inclination it's worth a bit of time researching the background of common purpose, the links are obvious, they simply don't bother attempting to hide them and the octopus of connections shows its reach - have a quick tap of the keys, you may be surprised.
    So what does it mean?
    Simply put, don't expect anything to change, the infestation is not going away anytime soon. It's already in control, as Davis, the Dale leader from Dr Who would say "You will obey".
    Perhaps the worst aspect though is the ability for the likes of Homer and her predecessor to lie until caught out, and then carry on as though nothing happened.

  11. Davis the Dale, no Davos the Dalek!
    Who the fuck invented predictive text, oh yes, one of them.

    1. Actually, it's Davros the Dalek.

  12. "a major digital government programme to reduce the burden on employers during payroll processing"
    Keep repeating it, everyone, and it shall become truth.

  13. Poached and amended from;

    Q. What do HMRC and a new carpet made out of recycled faeces have in common?

    A. A pile of shite!
    And they both stink...